Welcome to Us: the Taylor Family

We have been married since 2003 and have four wonderful kids. In 2013 we followed the Lord’s calling on our life, sold our home in Colorado and moved our family to San Diego to attend the Rock School of Ministry (formerly Impact195). During that year the Lord radically changed us individually and as a family giving us clarity in our identity, design and calling on our lives. After taking our first short term mission together and lots of hours of prayer and wrestling with the cost, we took a leap of faith and moved our family to Jeremie, Haiti as long term Rock Missionaries. While in Jeremie, we and our team launched a local school of ministry and transformation for Haitians called Enpak195. We were honored to graduate two classes of disciples amidst many crazy challenges; including Hurricane Matthew hitting our town directly and later being evacuated by the UN for riots towards Americans in Haiti. After 2 ½ years in Jeremie the Lord gave us direction to leave Haiti and with that came a season of healing and seeking Him for more direction. We considered missions again in south Mexico but knew we needed time to heal and seek the Lord before we went out again. 

So the Lord led us to come back to The Rock School of Ministry, and serve under the new leadership and direction of the ministry school. Aaron was the Academics Overseer, Teacher and helped with automation software for the next 2 years while Andrea was a Mentor for women students, Events food coordinator & played violin in worship for trips. Things began to turn directions in the school and God called Aaron and the overseer to step out and hand the school to someone else. Andrea was blessed with women calling her and asking her to mentor them (some she never even knew) so the Lord reminded her He had it all worked out! And in the midst of the pandemic she took in two of our neighbors kids for distance learning, which eventually one withdrew from school and she homeschooled him the second year. 

Aaron was then invited into a very different role of a full time job at The Rock Church as the Life Class Coordinator and eventually took over the Groups Coordinator position where he has been able to use the skills he has in automation to help serve the church and staff to allow more time to minister to people. The season after serving at the school has had some interesting turns with the world but God prepared us after living 2 ½ years in a country that is never stable. And then God would move and remind us we were called to live a life of faith in ALL things! our rental home was sold and we had 6 months to figure out where He was calling us; either stay in San Diego or leap into something we had considered but set aside. And so we knew it was about obedience and with our family calling it was always going to be about faith beyond our worldly understanding! 

So we have agreed to pick up and move to the Fort Worth area of Texas in faith. We have a deep passion for discipleship schools and hope to learn or serve alongside Lifestyle Christianity University and another church, Risen Nation. We also believe there is more we haven’t even seen that God will call the entire family into. We have seen that the family unit is stronger in His kingdom together and the kids are fired up to see what He will do in our lives. Aaron’s passion is not only in teaching and the logistics strategic strengths God’s given him, but also for marriages and families to be whole and flourishing through freedom in Christ, true identities from the Father and whole families serving together in kingdom work. Andrea’s passion is seeing women delivered from fear, shame & bitterness. She also loves to serve with the talents God has given her through her hands in violin, anything with her hands in gardens and food to bless people and allow them to experience Jesus.

Meet the Taylor Kids

Malachi, Rachel, Isaiah and Caleb

The Taylor kids are each beginning to shine in their identities and callings. Malachi David is the oldest and has a heart full of mercy. He has been such an encourager to students in ways he didn’t even know as he walks in encouragement daily. He desires to build something that would make a way to bring the gospel to people behind the Iron Curtain. He is also super passionate about finding ways to earn money in business, being an entrepreneur, and building things like an engineer. 

Rachel Eliana is the princess of the bunch and clearly radiates the gentle sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. She is passionate to share the Word of God through artistic avenues and constantly desires to hear the voice of the Father and serve without complaint. She has boldly shared her faith and challenged each one of her teachers so far and is just digging deeper daily! She feels a deep heartbeat for the unreached people groups of the 1040 window and believes she will become a missionary to Israel for a season and create godly films and be a part of acting.

Isaiah Aaron is clearly passionate to share the gospel with everyone he meets. He is drawn to serve and help little children and draws people into community with his influential, energetic-filled and outgoing personality. He has grown a passion for God in the government and feels called to be president…after working at Chick-Fil-A and playing in the NFL.
Caleb Anthony is blossoming into his own. He is so very observant and in most things needing to be done, believes he is able and capable. 

Caleb is completely whole hearted as his name means! He is a natural athlete and wants to play sports every daylight minute he has or build something with his hands! He has a deep heart of mercy and his times with the Lord are precious.